Keep RACING, Keep Shining! RACING Z370GT6 revamps your gaming soul!

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Intel’s 8th-generation Core i processor family strongly debuts, and that indeed makes so many gamers excited. Compared to the 7th generation, the performance of Intel’s 8th-generation Core i processor has been greatly improved. Building an ultimate computer with it has become a goal for many gamers and DIY lovers. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle. Let’s talk about how to select the most appropriate motherboard for the 8th generation of Intel Core processor to play its super performance?

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Balanced Performance and Stability of the BIOSTAR G330 SSD

Testing out just HOW good the BIOSTAR G330 SSD really is


From the era of the Winchester architecture hard drive to today’s HDD mechanical hard drive, the development in this field over the past 60 years has been astounding. In recent years, we have a newcomer – the SSD – in the scene, only being on the scene for less than a decade. With such huge developments, it is little wonder that so many companies want a piece of the SSD cake – be it the veterans in the HDD market, or the SSD rookies.Now the market can be described as a hundred flowers blossom, whether it is the traditional HDD manufacturers or SSD rookie, want to share their own through the SSD piece of cake. Today to introduce you from the traditional board brand Biostar BIOSTAR G330 256GB SSD

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History’s BEST in Cryptocurrency Mining: BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO 12 VGA Set Up

First Timer wanting to find out more? An old-timer in the field wanting to know about the new board? We’ve got information just for you!


Following in line with the popularity of cryptocurrency mining, mining is no longer only something that a computer geek will do and has slowly crept into the houses of everyday users. As such cryptocurrencies become increasingly more valuable despite some fluctuations in the valuations in the beginning of the year, these currencies tend to bounce back quickly, coupled with a fast ROI, there is little wonder as to what’s drawing so many people to join this every growing community.

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Small but Flashy – You Don’t Want to Miss This

Calling all AMD fans!


If you haven’t already heard by now, the AM4 platform on AMD has been launched and needless to say, it was great! A system that can reach a staggering 8-core 16-thread design, is sure to pack a punch and of course – strong performance.

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A Portable Office Computer?!?



Quick exercise before we begin: Picture an office computer in your mind.

If you are anything like me, you’d probably have thought of one of those big, bulky computers, or perhaps a laptop.

Now, what if we tell you that we have a PORTABLE office computer that’s small enough to fit in one’s pocket?

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Man VS BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD

Who will emerge victorious from this epic battle?

Wanna find out? Keep reading on!

Forget all the other tests you’ve heard about. Now we’re truly putting our BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD to the test. What test you ask? Man VS SSD, the ultimate test of durability.


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Drag Race? Challenge Accepted.

Night falls. Lights on. The night is still young.

The beauty of the flashing neon lights, only this time, instead of clubs, they’re coming from… A chassis?


The master takes his pick from his vast collection in his garage. His pick? A Lamborghini. Late night drag races? Challenge accepted.

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Cooking Eggs Test?!?

Get Ready for the 72 Hour SSD vs HDD Large Data Processing Showdown


Today on BIOSTAR Blog, we’ll be bringing you an article about something that many of our users have been concerned about – the heat produced by the Solid State Drive (SSD).

I’m sure many of the SSD users have noticed that while the SSD is capable of processing large amounts of data and opening large games that require a lot of data, however, the SSD is noticeably hotter upon touching, and overheating of the SSD may even result in system instability!

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No More Playing Pokémon?

Well, then I just gotta make my own right? How does a Pokéball rig sound? 😉

Pokémon is certainly an integral part of every 80s and 90s kids’ childhood, and the mere mention of it is certainly enough to invoke precious memories of our past.

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BIOSTAR G300 Series Solid State Drive (SSD)

Unboxing the latest addition to the BIOSTAR family

So the writers at BIOSTAR Blog recently got our hands on BIOSTAR’s latest product that joined our wide array of products – the BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD!

Gotta say that the box design looks really neat! Check out the racing flag that is so in line with our flagship RACING Series motherboards~

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