A Portable Office Computer?!?



Quick exercise before we begin: Picture an office computer in your mind.

If you are anything like me, you’d probably have thought of one of those big, bulky computers, or perhaps a laptop.

Now, what if we tell you that we have a PORTABLE office computer that’s small enough to fit in one’s pocket?

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Greetings from BIOSTAR!

Happy New Year 2017!


As we see the passing of the year and the crossing into the new year in 2017, we at BIOSTAR would like to show our appreciation towards everyone who has been with us in our journey thus far.

2016 was indeed a momentous year for us, just as we hope it has been for you. Here’s a brief recap of the most prolific events in 2016.

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BIOSTAR RACING P1 Mini PC Makes Life Amazing

The RACING P1 Mini PC makes it happen


November 4th, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR is pleased to share the perfect life companion if you’re looking for a computing solution that goes with you wherever you go
or you just need to maximise space. The BIOSTAR RACING P1 Mini-PC is unlike any laptop you’ve used before. Laptops tend to be heavy and have a consistent size and volume to them, offers no customization and most of all, are almost always expensive. Tablets, on the other hand, are just not useful for productivity and business tasks, have limited I/O ports, and aren’t made for long-term usage not to mention that again, they’re also expensive.

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BIOSTAR Announces the Coolest Quad-Core Mini PC, RACING P1

The Coolest Quad Core Sports Car is Here!

October 3rd, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR is pleased to announced its latest product entry in the highly-acclaimed RACING series family with the introduction of one of the world’s most compact mini-PC with a volume of only 0.29L, the BIOSTAR RACING P1 mini-PC. It is literally a pocket-sized PC that can fit in your pockets, its small size and light weight make it ideal to bring anywhere. But it goes beyond just practicality and portability as the RACING P1 brings with it the pedigree of the RACING series with its signature VIVID LED DJ for unrivalled customization like its motherboard counterparts. Limited size but limitless creativity!

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