Recounting COMPUTEX 2017


With another successful closure of COMPUTEX 2017, many of us in the IT field has shown us much love and adoration with the new products we’re pushing out, and of course not forgetting the classics we know and love.

Some of the highlights of COMPUTEX 2017:

Our Showgirls with our products


Mining Rig


And not forgetting our BIOSTAR RACING X299GT9 Motherboard


According to reports of our new board, this was how this board was described to be (translated to English):

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A Walk Down Memory Lane – Who Still Remembers our Classic AMD Motherboards?

31 Years of Creating History

As we step into our 31st year and as we mark the release of the AMD AM4 Motherboards, we spend some time to walk down memory lane to reminisce the classic boards under our belt. Over the years in the industry, BIOSTAR certainly has made a name for ourselves in the field and has produced many excellent products that have been unforgettable, especially to our DIY users.

For the true BIOSTAR fans out there, how many of you guys still remember these boards that will be featured below?

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No More Playing Pokémon?

Well, then I just gotta make my own right? How does a Pokéball rig sound? 😉

Pokémon is certainly an integral part of every 80s and 90s kids’ childhood, and the mere mention of it is certainly enough to invoke precious memories of our past.

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Behind COMPUTEX 2016

Beneath all the glamour, what’s behind all the hip happenings at BIOSTAR Booth?

Firstly, Thank You For Visiting Us!

As many of you have known, this year BIOSTAR has gone with the racing-themed booth in line with our latest flagship RACING Series Motherboards, jam-packed with action and racing!


Thank you to each and everyone of our visitors we believe that all our visitors had a great time experiencing our racing machines backed with BIOSTAR’s latest and highest quality motherboards and graphic cards, as well as our numerous stage activities and giveaway items!


Before Prep Day

What’s an exhibition without a booth? The setting up of the booth happens 5 days before the exhibition (in this year’s case, it was 26 May-30 May). One of our staff members went down on 26 May to collect our exhibitors’ passes and also check how things are going at the actual hall!

Photo May 27, 11 59 56 AM.jpg

I’m sure we’ve posted enough photos/LIVE streaming of our booth via various platform such as our Facebook pages so let’s look at how things were BEFORE it became what we saw when the exhibition started~

So here we have the overall look of the booth:


A closer look at the big screen TV and where our racing machines will be at:



Moving onto the static exhibits, here we have where the motherboards and graphic cards will be exhibited:


A closer look at the Graphic Cards section:


And now our 30 years timeline:


The side view from where the IPC section is:


The IPC section:


Certainly doesn’t look very inviting, does it?

But can you believe that all these were put together in only a few hours? AMAZING! Of course there are still a lot of refinement work to do, but did you know that at the point when our colleague sent these pictures, you guys can’t imagine the excitement back in the office as we finally catch a glimpse of our booth!

Rehearsal and Prep Day

Moving Out!

Finally the day has come – oh the dreaded prep day. On the day before the first day (30th May), the set-up team went all the way to Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F to perform final checks on the booth, as well as to load things up into our booth!

Photo May 30, 10 11 46 AM

Look at the numerous boxes here to be moved to Nangang Exhibition Hall all the way from the Hsin Tien District! And if you think that this is little, that’s coz we didn’t take a photo when more boxes were added onto the pile just moments after this photo was taken since we had to start moving the boxes down to the lorry.

So 2 of our colleagues went on with the lorry to Nangang Exhibition Hall first with most of our materials where they started moving in some of the things into the small storeroom we have.

I still wonder how did we manage to stuff everything inside that place…

Photo May 30, 1 37 25 PM

Photo May 30, 1 37 33 PM

Definitely too small and too squeezy! We gotta do something about this next year since we can’t squeeze more than 2 people into that storeroom!

Transporting our machines

Meanwhile back at the office, we have 4 people getting ready to move out from the office and onto the battlefield with our 3 racing machines in tow.

Do you recognise these machines? They’re practically one of the main highlights of our entire booth!

Photo May 30, 10 11 36 AM

And they’re moving these babies into the car!

Photo May 30, 12 15 42 PM

And they’re off to Nangang Exhibition Hall!

Photo May 30, 12 19 58 PM

Gotta have some people to support those fragile babies during the drive to the exhibition hall right?

First Actual Visit?

Moving on, we drove into the exhibition hall via the back entrance and HEY that’s our booth behind Lengda!

Photo May 30, 12 49 05 PM.jpg

Check out BIOSTAR’s (almost-completed) booth!

Photo May 30, 12 51 56 PM

Photo May 30, 12 52 02 PM

Photo May 30, 12 52 05 PM

And now, check out the front with our 3 machines:

Photo May 30, 12 55 02 PM

Granted, this wasn’t what you guys REALLY saw on those exhibition days when you visited. But HEY, I thought it looked pretty neat!

The empty white boxes probably looks really weird now since there’s nothing inside! Well, for now at least! Maybe this is what you guys will find more familiar?

Photo May 30, 5 39 39 PM

Photo May 30, 5 40 25 PM

With the motherboards and graphic cards in place, this is certainly looking more like a proper booth isn’t it? 😉

But of course there’s still plenty of work to do…

In between our work, our emcee, showgirls and promotion girls arrived on “set” for their familiarisation and rehearsal.

Photo May 30, 3 34 23 PM

Photo May 30, 3 48 55 PM

And here we have them trying the racing machines for the very first time since they will need to teach the members of the public how to operate it!

Photo May 30, 4 17 17 PM

Look at how seriously they’re competing against each other!

After and during the rehearsals, the action never stopped and everyone tried their best to finish things quickly so we could go home and rest. After all that moving and transporting of things, the team was so tired and worn-out already. How were we supposed to withstand the next 5 days?!?

After everything was FINALLY done, we were finally allowed to go home. The long-awaited, oh-so-glorious home~ Did I mention that it was extremely loud (due to all the drilling and building works), dusty and HOT? The entire exhibition hall was hot and stuffy since the aircon wasn’t on. Imagine our horror and sweatiness that day…

The Actual 5 Days

The long awaited first day has arrived and the staff members got up bright and early to meet at Nangang Exhibition Hall at BIOSTAR’s booth for last minute works and briefings.

When we got to the 4th floor, we were so surprised to see such long queues to the entrance!

Photo May 31, 8 52 30 AM.jpg


Thankfully there wasn’t too much to do in the morning since we pretty much did everything the day before so that’s a good start! 😀

And we have the ladies busy with their makeup and once they’re done…

Photo May 31, 9 55 09 AM.jpg

Now we’re all up and ready to go!!

Check out our first group of visitors! 🙂

Photo May 31, 10 09 12 AM.jpg

BIOSTAR Show Time!

Our Promotion Girls

BIOSTAR has our own share of daily stage activities too! You may have caught our promotion girls walking around the arena giving out giveaway items when you check in on Facebook or to invite you guys to our booth!


The Start

Each BIOSTAR Show Time opens with our eloquent emcee, Stephanie, giving out prizes to all our visitors who visit us during the live shows!


Photo Jun 02, 1 41 35 PM

Photo Jun 02, 1 41 55 PM


Following which, we have a special showcase by our showgirls with our latest products – our latest Mini-PC, our latest RACING Series Motherboards, our Graphic Cards and IPC Mobile-POS Tablet, coupled with audience engagement by Stephanie!


Product Introduction

First up, we have our showgirl with our Mini-PC. At 0.3L, it is the smallest and lightest that you can find in the world!


Next up we have our other showgirl with our new RACING Z170GT7 Motherboard!


Then, we have our Graphic Card.


Last but not least, the IPC Mobile-POS System Tablet!


Games Time!

After the introduction of our latest products, we move into the gaming segment of our stage activities and audience members have a chance to compete against our showgirl of choice in a race to win attractive prizes.




At the end of each racing session, Stephanie will be giving out the prizes to the winners AND our guests who stayed with us throughout our activity~




LoL LIVE Competition

On 2-3 June, BIOSTAR specially invited an all-female professional VG Team to compete in a LIVE League of Legends (LoL) competition LIVE on BIOSTAR Stage! What made it even more awesome is that these ladies compete on an international scale and has been crowned the WORLD CHAMPIONS before! How cool is that?



Photo Jun 03, 3 20 57 PM

It was definitely 2 really exciting matches that you wouldn’t want to miss!

As an appreciation to everyone who checked out our exciting activities, we gave out special BIOSTAR keyboard and mouses to our loyal supporters!


Look at one lucky fan we have here!

LIVE Broadcasts

For those who didn’t manage to visit us, no worries since we had various LIVE Broadcasts on our Facebook page at

Featured Products

Racing Machines

For those who are wondering, the game we were playing on our racing machines was GRID AUTOSPORT!

The machines behind the chairs is our new BIOSTAR RACING Z170GT7 Motherboard, coupled with our GeForce GTX 960, 950 and 750Ti respectively.


Don’t you agree that they were awesome? It certainly gave the staff good times and we hope you had fun too!

Additionally, BIOSTAR would like to extend our gratitude to Apacer and Thermaltake for providing us with their memory modules and chassis, keyboard and mouse respectively.


Thermaltake Core P5 ATX Wall-Mount Chassis:




LEVEL 10 M Advanced Mouse:




Commando Series DDR4 Quad Channel DDR4-2666:


BLADE Series DDR4 Quad Channel DDR4-2800:

Last But Not Least, A Huge Thank You to all Staff

Finally, we shouldn’t forget our colleagues who have laboured tirelessly through the planning stages and the 5 tiring days at the exhibition. For everything that happens, we shouldn’t forget that there is a dedicated team of people behind it. Though tiring, needless to say it was a fulfilling journey.

Featuring the faces of the Motherboard Division below! Don’t you think everyone here looks really happy and accomplished?


The sales team looking good~


And the IPC Division!


On this note, we’d like to show some of the BTS photos of staff members during over the 5 days!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Moving Forward

As we close the chapter on COMPUTEX Taipei 2016, which arguably one of our biggest events of every year, let’s look forward to COMPUTEX Taipei 2017! Once again, us at BIOSTAR warmly welcome each and every one of you (YES, YOU!) to join us againat next year’s COMPUTEX 2017 and we promise that you more fun, action and excitement (and of course, pretty ladies O.O) only at BIOSTAR’s booth!

Peace Out!

What’s Brewing for COMPUTEX 2016?

What’s going on Behind the Scenes?


COMPUTEX 2016 is opening TOMORROW and the team is super excited and pumped up for it! Check out our cool racing themed booth featured during the exhibition in line with our latest flagship RACING Series Motherboards!


Red, black and white. Reminds me of the FORMULA ONE races… Anybody else who shares my thoughts? 🙂

Racing Machines?!?

For those who checked out our Facebook page will know of our 3 live demo racing machines that we’ll be featuring our latest BIOSTAR RACING Z170GT7 Motherboard on, as well as BIOSTAR’s graphic cards (GTX 960, GTX 950 and GTX 750Ti).

Racing Cars

Unleash that racer in you!!


For those who’ll be joining us at our booth, you’ll get a chance to try out our live demo racing machines and compete with other players or even with our showgirls! 😛

LoL LIVE Competition and a VG Team?

Speaking of racing and gaming, League of Legends (LoL) fans rejoice! We will also be having a special appearance by VGIRLS, an all-female professional VG team for 2 sessions of League of Legends (LoL) LIVE competitions!


If you’re excited to watch them compete LIVE, find us at our booth at Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F (Booth No.: M1213a) on 2-3 June, 3pm daily!

As a bonus, we’ll be asking members of the audience to compete along with them for the 2nd round of the live competition, so don’t miss out on all fun that’s happening at BIOSTAR’s booth~ 😉

BIOSTAR Show Time!

Did somebody say show time? For this year’s COMPUTEX, BIOSTAR will be having a whooping 5 stage activities EACH DAY! Let’s hear some noise!!


For those who are unable to join us, do watch our Global Facebook page for live broadcasts of the activities happening only at BIOSTAR’s booth! 🙂

Here’s a sneak peek of when we had our training session:


Seriously though… What REALLY happens behind the scenes?

Honestly, things don’t just pop out of nowhere… For example: the racing machines.

We at BIOSTAR have a really dedicated team of people who turn stuff like this:


Build it:


And it comes out looking something like this:


The 3 racing machines have 3 different coloured water coolant – Red, Blue and Green! And they all look REALLY neat~

Then we have the products that we’re gonna display at the exhibition like our motherboards:


Amongst all the products we’re displaying, look at how big this particular one is:



Curious about what this is? Be sure to check out our booth at the upcoming COMPUTEX to find out! And I’m saying that you’re going to want to check this baby out!!

Then there’s the part on shopping for food and random supplies… Look at how packed the trunk is! We even had to put some of the other things that couldn’t fit on our laps in the passenger seats!


We wrote about it the other day and you can read about here:

Closing Thoughts

Of course there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that it’s impossible to document every part of our planning, but we hope that the few moments we managed to capture and document here gives you some insights on what the staff at BIOSTAR does to make our booth at the COMPUTEX happen.

An Open Invitation

To check out all the stuff that we’ve planned and prepared for everyone of you, do make sure to visit our booth STARTING TOMORROW at Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F (Booth No.: M1213a)!


We look forward to seeing everyone at COMPUTEX 2016!



COMPUTEX Shopping??

Getting Ready for COMPUTEX 2016

A must-have for every event: food, food, food and MORE food! A detail that is commonly overlooked, but a staple for every event. Naturally, we at BIOSTAR are here to prepare the best for all our guests who will be visiting out booth during the upcoming COMPUTEX.

So the team went to Carrefour amidst everyone’s busy schedule to grab some yummy treats for all our special guests.

Check out the team with our (currently) empty pushcarts!


4 pushcarts all ready to be loaded with food! And now, LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!

First stop! Tissues and plates… What a bummer! And we thought it’ll all be about food right?



Patience, everyone. Good things come to those who wait! 😉

We figured that it’ll take too long with the shopping for random items… Where’s the food coming guys?!? We finally decided to split ways. Naturally, these 2 greedy ones valiantly volunteered for the snacks section. After all, what we buy will be what our staff members and our guests – YOU guys – will be snacking on! 🙂


Did the wind just sweep you off your wind? Look at those 2 zoom past everything! Behold, the power of FOOD!!

So we were so busy grabbing so much stuff that no one bothered to snap any more photos. Biscuits, gummies, sweets, chocolates, crackers, rolls, coke, sprite… The list goes on and on… You name it, we got it!

We finally got everything we needed and someone finally remembered to snap a photo before we checked out. Check out these pushcarts with so much things inside (with another one not pictured here)!


All the stuff we got couldn’t fit in our colleague’s car trunk, so we even had to put some of the things on our laps in the passenger seats!


Look at how full it is! We even had to reorganise everything since we couldn’t close the car trunk (oops, maybe we should’ve controlled ourselves more?)


The team at BIOSTAR are super pumped for the upcoming COMPUTEX 2016 and are all ready to welcome everyone to our booth! Other than food, we have an exciting line-up of activities with exciting prizes to be won, such as from our “BIOSTAR Show Time”, where we’ll be having 5 stage activities EACH DAY to give out prizes! Additionally, we’ll be having a VG Team on 2nd-3rd June at 3pm daily to have a League of Legends (LoL) LIVE Competition and we’ll also have a member of the audience to join them in their match! 🙂

Make sure to check out BIOSTAR’s booth at Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F (Booth No.: M1213a) to check out the exciting activities we’ve planned for your pleasure!


Additionally, if you’re unable to personally be with us at the upcoming COMPUTEX, do stay tuned to our Facebook Page ( for additional sneakpeeks and LIVE Broadcasts on the actual days (and MUCH MORE!). Otherwise, we’ll also be having some blog updates about the event as well so be sure to subscribe to our blog! (It’s at the rightmost panel! :D)

BONUS: And here’s a selfie of the shopping team who were basically kids in a candy store… (HINT: You can probably spot us around if you visit our booth during the upcoming COMPUTEX! You can talk to us. Don’t worry, we don’t bite! :P)



50k Likes Giveaway Contest Entries

50k Likes Giveaway Contest Conclusion

So we recently did a special 50k Likes Giveaway Contest to celebrate our BIOSTAR Global Facebook page reaching the 50,000 likes milestone.

Contest Details

For this giveaway, we did it with a special twist! Instead of the traditional like, comment, tag and share activities, we wanted to see our fans’ creativity by getting everyone to submit a photo entry creatively incorporating our new BIOSTAR RACING B150GT5 Motherboard and include either our 30th Anniversary, 50,000 likes milestone or our RACING Motherboards features. Naturally, the grand prize of this giveaway is the RACING B150GT5 board. Not forgetting that this year is BIOSTAR’s 30th Anniversary, we also threw in 2 30th Anniversary Special Edition Bluetooth Speakers!

(For those who want more information about what I’m referring to, read here:

Contest Results

We had intended the giveaway contest to be a space for our fans to express themselves and imagine our delight when we received so many wonderful edits by all of you guys! Thank you everyone for your active participation and your love for us and I’m sure it showed through from the entries that we’ve seen so far.

We’re so amazed by all the amazing entries that we’ve received and having such a tough time deciding the winner! Even at the time of writing, we can’t decide who is the “winner” for this contest since ALL of you are winners to us! We wish that we could award the grand prize to each and everyone of you (but sadly we can’t. SIGH).

Showcasing YOUR Works

Since we know that we can’t award a prize to everyone, we thought that we should at least feature everyone’s entries here in our blog.

NOTE: The entries featured are in no particular order.

Image 1

Image 1

Image 2

Image 2

Image 3

Image 3

Image 4

Image 4

Image 5

Image 5

Image 6

Image 6

Image 7

Image 7

Image 8

Image 8

Image 9

Image 9

Image 10

Image 10

Image 11

Image 11

Image 12

Image 12

Image 13

Image 13

Image 14

Image 14

Image 15

Image 15

Image 16

Image 16

Image 17

Image 17

Image 18

Image 18

Image 19

Image 19

Image 20

Image 20

Image 21

Image 21

Image 22

Image 22

Amazing edits wouldn’t you agree? We hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did!

We’ll be announcing the winners for our contest this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1pm (GMT +8) via our Global Facebook page so stay tuned!

(Meanwhile, you can tell us who YOU think should win this contest!)