BIOSTAR Officially Launched in Taiwan

11 motherboards released on PChome


Feb 6th, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR, a leading brand of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices, today proudly announces the launch of their products, finally available for purchase in Taiwan for the first time after 34 years of international market dominance.

As a manufacturer of robust and highly reliable PC components for more than three decades, BIOSTAR’s versatile list of products ranging from motherboards, graphics cards, SSDs and IPC have satisfied consumers from around the world catering to gamers and pc enthusiasts alike.

With the great reputation, they gained from years of international business as one of the most reliable, innovative and consumer-friendly brands. BIOSTAR Taiwan today has finally decided that starting from 2020, their products will be readily available to the Taiwanese consumers exclusively sold on the leading e-commerce platform PChome. The first batch of products to be available in the Taiwanese market will be BIOSTAR’s main product line, which is motherboards. The versatility BIOSTAR brings with their line of both Intel and AMD platform motherboards will undoubtedly make them a strong choice for tech consumers in Taiwan when it comes to building those new PCs in the future.

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BIOSTAR映泰在台正式開賣PChome 24h購物獨家銷售



202026日,台北,台灣 ― 高階主機板,電競與電腦周邊設備國際大廠BIOSTAR映泰,在今日發表了一個讓台灣電腦玩家們振奮的消息― BIOSTAR映泰即將在台灣市場正式開賣!成立至今已34年的品牌BIOSTAR映泰 (以下簡稱映泰),產品線涵蓋主機板、顯示卡、固態硬碟與工業電腦等,多年來深受全球電競玩家與使用者歡迎。身為台灣品牌,映泰雖然在國際市場開疆闢土多年,仍然從未忘記台灣消費者的殷切期盼,今日映泰正式宣佈,從即日起將在電商龍頭PChome 24h購物上正式開賣。上市首波產品,為映泰的頂規商品RACING電競主機板,將給台灣的電腦組裝愛好者與電競玩家們帶來另一個全新選擇。

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