Welcome, our crypto mining leading client- Blackcloud

Building Strong Relationships With Our Manufacturers



Building a deep partnership with our customers and suppliers have always been a key ingredient in our success – relationships with a vested interest in mutual success.

Prior to our initial round of investment we travelled to Taiwan to meet with leading suppliers like Compal, Biostar and MSI.


During our trip, we were able to meet with key executives at each company and gain access to the largest PC hardware manufacturers with expertise in large volume PC design and manufacturing.


We ordered test gear from Biostar and MSI, who we formed our initial relationships with. They’ve both been great to work with, including support for our technical teams as we evaluated their gear.


We tested the new machines to ensure we have accurate numbers for power draw, and hashing rate. We also tested multiple operating systems to see which performed best. Below represent our testing results from the Biostar iMiner.



Reference: https://blackcloud.com/2018/08/01/building-strong-relationships-with-our-manufactures/

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