Keep RACING, Keep Shining! RACING Z370GT6 revamps your gaming soul!

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Intel’s 8th-generation Core i processor family strongly debuts, and that indeed makes so many gamers excited. Compared to the 7th generation, the performance of Intel’s 8th-generation Core i processor has been greatly improved. Building an ultimate computer with it has become a goal for many gamers and DIY lovers. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle. Let’s talk about how to select the most appropriate motherboard for the 8th generation of Intel Core processor to play its super performance?

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BIOSTAR 3rd gen RACING Z370 motherboard gives the answer!

BIOSTAR RACING 370 series motherboard belongs to its RACING III generation gaming motherboard series. First and second gen RACING bring users a lot of surprises. The 3rd gen RACING will be stronger than before.

With the big success on the previous RACING series, RACING Z370 series indeed improves a lot in every single way, including materials, RGB LED technology, workmanship, performance, and more to create BIOSTAR RACING III generation style! You can’t miss it. OK, let’s preview BIOSTAR RACING Z370GT6 together!

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BIOSTAR RACING Z370GT6 motherboard with 3rd gen gaming design, gold PCB surface design, A.I FAN, Advanced VIVID LED DJ, brand new Hi-Fi zone design, GT touch panel, and special new UI design, can bring users and gamers a fresh gaming experience.

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BIOSTAR RACING gaming Z370 motherboard with a gold gaming design, the assembly of gold I / O armor, gold tattoo heatsink, gold PCB treatment and gold M.2 heat sink, bring excellent heat control performance and more fashionable luxury element for future gaming PC.

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Specifications are also want to be stronger with high-end design and high-quality materials, dual BIOS, black-gold 100% solid capacitors, dual reinforced PCI-E slot. RACING Z370GT6 is the most powerful gaming weapon.

Dual Hi-Fi design is also the highlight of RACING Z370GT6 motherboard. The high-end Hi-Fi sound experience, bringing theater-level audio-visual enjoyment.  It will be your best choice of gaming or content creation. With RACING Z370GT6, entertainment, is to all-round.

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LED enthusiasts can create their exclusive RACING system to show strong personal style by Advanced VIVID LED DJ with more customizability and options to control three RGB LED lighting zones independently, including audio area and 5050 LED FUN ZONE with two 5050 LED headers. Users can control color, speed and brightness via 10 different flashing modes with ease. The Advanced VIVID LED DJ utility boasts more possibilities for users to create unlimited creativity with 5050 LED FUN ZONE which comes with dual RGB LED header configured to install different LED products. More RGB possibilities to create unlimited creativity!

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To complete the new RACING look, the 3rd-gen RACING Z370 motherboards are added more vibrant RGB LEDs with the all new Advanced VIVID LED DJ utility featuring more RGB lighting customization on three RGB LED zones on the motherboards – the Audio Area, 5050 LED header 1 and 5050 LED header 2. Advanced VIVID LED DJ now features 10 different flashing modes along with advanced color, brightness and speed control and users can control each lighting zone independently.

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PC enthusiasts can make sure that their gaming system can maintain its best performance while full-load operation and immersive gaming. According to different cooling needs and usage scenarios, users can control speed modes from Quiet to Full On. The new intuitive and easy-to-use A.I FAN utility smartly allows users to have more customizability of fan modes and automatically detects different temperatures to make you control the states of your system.

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To top it off, A.I FAN lets you adjust fan curves on the UI to define the specific speed corresponding to the specific temperature for optimal cooling performance with ease.

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Are you ready for the exceptional gaming experience? We will talk about more details in the follow-up articles for everyone! So, stay tune!

Please pay close attention to BIOSTAR RACING Z370GT6 motherboard, the 1st choice of gamers!


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