BIOSTAR Mining System with ethOS

Recently we have introduced to you a BIOSTAR mining system with ethOS, USB. The system is almost plugged to dig. The way to set is also convenient. The video before also demonstrates the strength of the system.


ethOS is a development of 64-bit based Linux mining system. Compared to Windows, ethOS makes everything become simpler. The users do not need to install the driver, because there is no complex system setting needed. They do not need to be worry about the complex settings. Even the elementary school student can also do Crypto Mining with it.

ethOS 1

ethOS 2

One more thing that also needs to be known is, ethOS supports 12 AMD graphics cards or 12 NVIDIA GPUs mining, A card and N card can also use a different model. However, the 2 brand GPUs cannot be mixed, and it has to be either 12 NIVIDIA graphics cards or 12 AMD graphics cards. 12A, 12N, 12 (As), 12 (Ns), it is up to you with how you want to match, to ensure that you can match with the most perfect computing power you want.

ethOS 3

ethOS 4.JPG

ethOS 1.2.4 version makes everyone easier to mining, by optimizing the system in many aspects.

First of all, ethOS enhanced the hash rate of AMD RX series graphics cards. By combining the AMD RX series graphics card with ethOS 1.2.4 version, it will get greater benefits.

ethOS 5.jpg

In addition, ethOS exclusively designs a dedicated desktop theme for all BIOSTAR motherboards. Therefore, users of BIOSTAR motherboard have a small partner welfare now!

Well. Finally, we would like to show you the best weapon of mining – BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO, the first 12-graphics card mining motherboard as usual.

ethOS 6.jpg

It supports 12 PCI-E slots, that is 12 graphics cards mining at the same time. Also, the Intel B250 chipset and exclusive native 12 PCI-E slots can maximize the bandwidth of data transfer. This can improve compatibility of graphics cards, and ensure 100% GPUs computing capability.

ethOS 7.jpg

Besides the impeccable product quality, BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO also comes with a 24-pin ATX, an 8-pin EPS, a SATA, and two AUX for dual PCI-E power supply for multiple graphics cards. This configuration can ensure your mining rig operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for non-stop mining operation.

BIOSTAR crypto mining motherboards with ethOS 1.2.4 are your no.1 choice of  mining.

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