Recounting COMPUTEX 2017


With another successful closure of COMPUTEX 2017, many of us in the IT field has shown us much love and adoration with the new products we’re pushing out, and of course not forgetting the classics we know and love.

Some of the highlights of COMPUTEX 2017:

Our Showgirls with our products


Mining Rig


And not forgetting our BIOSTAR RACING X299GT9 Motherboard


According to reports of our new board, this was how this board was described to be (translated to English):

“The BIOSTAR RACING X299GT9 Motherboard uses the EATX board model design, with the top section having a whopping 7 PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots and there is not even 1 PCI-E 3.0 x1 slot. The CPU uses a 14-phase power supply, with 8 DDR4 storage slots and can even hit up to 4000MHz+.

The PCH cooling chip is rather large and on the side stands an M.2 SSD cooling chip. BIOSTAR has noted that each of the cooling chips is nano-coated, which can increase the surface area of the cooling area to increase the cooling ability.

The I/O ports have 2 USB 3.1 connectors, with 1 of Type A and the other being the Type C, 2 USB 3.0 connectors and 4 USB 2.0 connectors. Additionally, there is 1 PS/2 connector, 5 gold-plated 3.5mm connectors and 1 audio port. Everyone can also see that there are 2 LAN connectors, with 1 of them being the regular Intel i219V gigabit ethernet and the other being the Intel X550AT 10 Gigabit network card, and another significant section with X299 compatible 10 Gigabit network card.”


With such a large sized motherboard, people might remember its previous incantation, which was also something that BIOSTAR skipped over – the X99. With the new LGA 2066 specifications, BIOSTAR will not be giving up the high-end models and with the golden packaging on this board, it’s as if BIOSTAR is building up its own golden armour.


BIOSTAR’s 3 Greatest Overclocking Boards

With the X299, it is definitely positioned to target the extreme overclockers. In the hearts of the overclockers, a mention of BIOSTAR will definitely trigger memories of our classic boards. In this short trip down memory lane, we will recount the 3 greatest boards in overclocking history.

The year 2005: BIOSTAR TFORCE 6100


The earliest batch of C51 boards that hit the market, this board has left a deep impression on many overclockers for its functional design and good workmanship and is of little wonder that it had received great praises from the media, bringing the BIOSTAR T Series Motherboards become a household name.

The year 2007: BIOSTAR TA690G AM2


The BIOSTAR TA690G AM2 broke multiple CPU overclocking records for the AM2 platform and marked the rise of AMD chipsets after acquiring ATI. It goes without saying that the BIOSTAR TA690G became BIOSTAR’s T Series Motherboards’ overclocking king.

The year 2008: BIOSTAR TPOWER i45


Ever since hitting the markets, this board has had a smooth sailing trajectory and broke multiple world records, to take down the 724MHz world record with a frequency of 6.4GHz, and took one of the first two spots in the SuperPI 1Mto set a SuperPI 1M World Record of 7.890 seconds. With so much publicity and rave reviews about this board, it was one of those that people were fighting to get one.

BIOSTAR’s 3 Greatest Emotional Moments

With the passing of time, we forget what happened in the past and many things simply become “part of the past”. Now, we take another short walk down memory lane as we recall our emotional moments.

The year 2007: AMD Black Box Overclocking Competition


In 2007, BIOSTAR was unrivalled in terms of Overclocking and at the end of the AMD dual-core Athlon 5000 + black box package CPU overclocking tournament, SpeedTime team member Yu Mengyao (Wing) obtained the title of the champion after intense competition with the use of the BIOSTAR TA690G-AM2. What’s notable about this is that it was the first time BIOSTAR has won an award in the national overclocking competition.

The year 2008: Nation-wide Overclocking Competition


Following BIOSTAR TPOWER boards’ performances in breaking Overclocking world records, BIOSTAR organised an overclocking competition, which saw over 10 national overclocking teams, which increased much interest towards BIOSTAR and our products.

The year 2009: Breaking the World Record at COMPTEX 2009


Date: 2nd June 2009


Platform: INTEL E7400 + BIOSTAR TPOWER I45

World Record: 6314.72 MHz


During COMPUTEX 2009, 2 of the world’s top overclockers – Boblemagnifique from France and Yu Mengyao from China graced the event at COMPUTEX 2009, Yu Mengyao was responsible for breaking the world record LIVE on stage!

BIOSTAR X299 might very well be the next POWER i45!

For those familiar with BIOSTAR, in remembering over a decade of overclocking history, will know that BIOSTAR continued to explore the Hi-Fi sector and the GAMING and RACING Series Motherboards. Nonetheless, we never forgot about overclocking and has always been trying our best to produce something new to match the successes of the past OC boards. In COMPUTEX 2017, we show you our hard work in the form of the BIOSTAR RACING X299 Motherboard.


From all of us at BIOSTAR, we truly hope that the BIOSTAR RACING X299 will be able to serve all our users just as well as out previous boards ever did – and more – and we thank everyone for their never ending encouragement and support towards us in BIOSTAR.

We will continue to work hard to produce even better boards for all our users.


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