Small but Flashy – You Don’t Want to Miss This

Calling all AMD fans!


If you haven’t already heard by now, the AM4 platform on AMD has been launched and needless to say, it was great! A system that can reach a staggering 8-core 16-thread design, is sure to pack a punch and of course – strong performance.


As one of AMD’s partners, BIOSTAR was amongst the first manufacturers to release a series of boards made for the AM4 platform.  From the very first boards made for this platform, BIOSTAR has released the boards in conjunction with our 2nd generation RACING Series motherboard with VIVID LED DJ – the LED light control system for the LED lights of the board. We believe that this would definitely have shown our sincerity from BIOSTAR to all our users around the world  – that we seek to give them our very best.

The 2nd generation BIOSTAR RACING Series motherboards have extremely strong performance – and we’re proud to say that our boards have BOTH the looks and muscle to do its job. And on top of that, our boards are cost-effective, too. In particular, the board that we will be introducing today – the BIOSTAR RACING B350ET2 motherboard – is also given the title of being the most cost-effective! With a small M-ATX form factor, great sound, great light control and most importantly, great gaming performance, what’s more to ask for in a great board like this?

So without further ado, let’s check out this baby!




The 2nd generation BIOSTAR RACING Series motherboard got a complete overhaul and is now fitted with new and improved gaming performance, design and has the spirit of gaming and competition all packed in our boards.


Cool black PCB and black slot, along with the carbon black heat sink. I think we’ve got a masterpiece here.


With a seven-phase power supply design, 8 pin CPU power supply, an all black gold solid capacitors to ensure high-quality continuous performance during your hours of gaming!


This board also supports DDR4 memory of up to 2667MHz frequencies.


The RACING B350ET2 also supports Hi-Fi and Blu-ray 7.1 channel high-definition sound card, which are home essentials.


The board also has a Dual 5050 LED expansion connector, a dedicated light control software to control the LED lights, external RGB fan, light bar, memory, chassis and the motherboard which can be synchronised to flash at the same time. This definitely will allow us to make that dream rig that you’ve always dreamt about – and this time you could even customise the colours and control the lighting patterns to make it uniquely YOURS.

We’re firm believers of the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. So why not let’s have a few photos? After all, seeing IS believing.

So without further ado, LET THE LIGHTS SHINE.


Definitely beautiful and one of its kind.


Pictured above is a closeup of the AMD AM4 original fan. Mmmm artsy.



Colours are up to you. If you’re feeling angry, how about red? Sad? How about blue? Happy? Yellow sounds like a great choice! (Inside Out reference anyone? :P)

But no matter what colour you choose, we promise that it’ll be GREAT and it’s gonna be uniquely YOU.



Memory, motherboard, chassis fans, CPU fan all in action under the control of the 2nd generation BIOSTAR RACING Series motherboard!

More photos anyone? (Well, we’re gonna put more up anyway)





Showing you guys the LED light control in all its glory!




This is awesome! What else do you guys have BIOSTAR? Well, glad you asked.What else do we have? 好看更好玩,RACING二代灯控开启音乐律动模式,整机灯光随音乐、随游戏音效肆意律动!

Did you know: The 2nd generation BIOSTAR RACING Series motherboard can control the lights according to the rhythm of whatever music you’re playing (be it the intensity of light or speed of lights flashing)!



Of course, we must add that for all of you who watch movies on your computer (like I do!), this board will also run it super smoothly and if you so choose to use the BIOSTAR RACING Series motherboard’s VIVID LED DJ Shine & Music mode, we’re sure that those lights will accurately depict the mood in the movie by the sounds!

Wanna know more about what these boards can do? Why not grab one of our boards as your next board? We promise that you will enjoy the experience, just as many have had before you and trust me – it does grow on you (You have been warned)!

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