A Portable Office Computer?!?



Quick exercise before we begin: Picture an office computer in your mind.

If you are anything like me, you’d probably have thought of one of those big, bulky computers, or perhaps a laptop.

Now, what if we tell you that we have a PORTABLE office computer that’s small enough to fit in one’s pocket?

But wait! A pocketable computer?

That right, your ears (or eyes, in this case) didn’t hear (read) wrongly.

Introducing the latest mini-host computer – the RACINGP1A.


Not only does the RACINGP1A have an excellent appearance that is sure to satisfy everyone’s preferences, it has also successfully taken the industry by storm! Today, let’s begin the new journey to re-understand the office computer!


The Outer Body

Honestly speaking, when the writers first got a glimpse on the packaging of the RACINGP1A, we sure thought that it looked like a TV box. We definitely didn’t think that it was actually a Mini-PC! Most Mini-PCs found on the market today are mostly rectangular or oval-shaped and can be considered rather satisfactory. However, it is noteworthy that BIOSTAR spent a lot of effort into redesigning the standard industry look.


In line with BIOSTAR’s flagship series, the RACINGP1A also includes BIOSTAR’s iconic RACING logo and racing flag design, much like that of a sports car. The RACING logo’s LED lights can also be controlled through the software that comes with the RACINGP1A to make it uniquely yours.


Since it is a computer at its core, the interface is most undoubtedly positioned in consideration of the user.

The front and back of the RACINGP1A are equipped with different interfaces – the front has the on/off switch and ports: 1x USB3.0, 1x USB2.0, 1x Micro SD, 1x 5V 5050 LED external light bar jack and 1x 3.5mm headphone jack. It is worth mentioning that like its motherboard counterpart, this Mini-PC can be decorated further by connecting an extra strip of the 5050LED lights externally, making your build even more unique.


The back is integrated with seven interfaces: a GbE Gigabit Ethernet interface, a HDMI video output interface, 4 USB2.0 interfaces and a power input interface.


With so many ports and interfaces, I bet you must be asking? Are you sure, this Mini-PC is POCKETABLE? Our answer? Absolutely. A picture speaks a thousand words – this should definitely prove our point.


(Front view of the RACINGP1A against a Chinese 1-yuan coin)


(Side view of the RACINGP1A against a Chinese 1-yuan coin)


(Top view of the RACINGP1A against an Apple iPhone 6S PLUS)

If you ask us: Is it pocketable? Our answer: Absolutely.


Naturally, the thickness and weight of the RACINGP1A still cannot be compared to mobile phones. However, comparing to other devices in the industry, this is impeccably light. The RACINGP1A has incredible performance for its volume, and is definitely deserving to be your portable office companion!

Finally to the boot experience time, for the office, Biostar P1A occupies a small place, equipped with a 28-inch monitor instantly become a super computer, we all come to feel it.


The Performance Level

Finally, it’s time to boot up the RACINGP1A to see what it’s truly capable of! The RACINGP1A only occupies a small place, and when equipped with a 28-inch monitor, it instantly becomes a supercomputer.


As mentioned earlier, this RACINGP1A has BIOSTAR’s iconic RACING logo. The RACING logo’s LED lights can also be controlled through the software that comes with the RACINGP1A to make it uniquely yours. After booting up the RACINGP1A, we immediately went to BIOSTAR’s website to instal the RACING GT utility to customise our lighting (perhaps we should control ourselves instead of acting like overly excited kids when we caused that loud commotion that got us stares in the office…).

Since this is a mini-PC, the interfaced is simplified as compared to that of a gaming motherboard. Nonetheless, it did not affect the lighting control experience. The software allows us to control the light in 4 different modes: light, dynamic, flashing and flashing music, and can be customised to any colour to suit your fancy.


(A screenshot of the RACING GT software)


(Photos of some of the colours we tried out!)

Hardware-wise, the system has detected that the RACINGP1A is using the Intel ATOM x5-Z8350 processor, with quad-core 1.44Ghz frequency. This CPU is able to automatically reach to 1.9G frequency, and the performance is good. Although the mini-PC is considered to be on a different level as compared to the notebook computer, this is definitely enough to meet your daily office and entertainment needs!


The RACINGP1A is also equipped with 4GB of memory, plus 64GB hard drive (the C-drive will have about 58.1GB of memory available, after excluding the installation of Win10 EFI and other partitions), and can be considered to be comparable to the standard office computer. 4GB of memory in the Windows 10 system is enough to support the second half of the day and is more than sufficient to cope as the main office computer.


Microsoft Office 2016 is arguably one of the most practical office software for the windows system since the configuration requirement of the software is relatively low. We open the five applications simultaneously along with the task manager. The system seems perfectly capable of switching between the multiple applications smoothly and freely, with a CPU utilisation rate of 48% and a memory usage of 62%. Hence, we don’t think that there’ll be any issues even if we use the RACINGP1A to run a few more applications that what we tested out.


We also did a browser test where we opened 17 tabs simultaneously. According to the Task Manager, there was a CPU utilisation rate of 84% and a memory usage of 74%. Generally, we don’t foresee any potential issues even if you have over 20 tabs open at the same time.


Final Words

After all that explanation, we believe that everyone has a better understanding of the usability and convenience that the BIOSTAR RACINGP1A can offer to everyone to be used as your office computer. At BIOSTAR, we emphasise a lot on quality and rest assured that the product you receive is nothing but the utmost best. With the compact size of the RACINGP1A mini-PC, we’re sure that you will have a larger space to work with and also act as your new portable and stylish nifty device that can be with you on the go – be it for work, leisure or entertainment.

Until next time, peace out from the BIOSTAR Blog writing team!


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