No More Playing Pokémon?

Well, then I just gotta make my own right? How does a Pokéball rig sound? 😉

Pokémon is certainly an integral part of every 80s and 90s kids’ childhood, and the mere mention of it is certainly enough to invoke precious memories of our past.


Today, we see our beloved series transform into the AR game that we all know and love – Pokémon Go. I’m sure we all remember how Pokémon Go took the world by storm upon its release! However, sadly for the team here at BIOSTAR, the game was only released must later in Asia and that was certainly a huge disappointment to all the Asian Pokémon fans.


A game for everyone to enjoy while giving ourselves a good workout (at least the writers here wouldn’t walk 10km on a regular basis… But we will now just to hatch our eggs!). But since it wasn’t out in our region yet, a gamer Pokémon master decided to take matters into his  own hands and made himself a Pokéball themed rig!


The Idea


With this idea in mind, he started to research about Pokèballs. For the uninitiated, a Pokéball is an important item in your journey towards becoming a true Pokémon master, since it is a device that encapsulates the Pokémon you have caught. The way to use it in the game Pokémon GO is to fling it like a bowling ball towards the Pokémon to catch it.

So this is what a Pokéball looks like:



The Exterior

Now, it’s time to select the materials to create your very own Pokéball rig! Firstly we gotta find a spherical case, and the one our Pokémon master has selected was this white case:


For the sake of creating a Pokéball rig, he definitely had to make some amendments to the design.

So he decided on using sticker paper:


Our master (whose hands are photographed above) claimed to have applied countless protectors for phones and have mastered the art of applying stickers and sticker papers. However, despite his knowledge, he was still unable to fully remove the air bubbles between the case and the sticker paper. Hence, he turned to the Internet to purchase some spray paint.


In the next 3 days, after countless rounds of spray painting, masking, sanding and respraying, as well as numerous complaints from everyone around him due to the smell of the spray paint, he finally conquered the monstrous task.



Let’s check out the result and see if the original white ball has been transformed into a Pokéball?


I don’t know what you think about it, but it does seem really amazing! To add it off, the Pikachu on the right seems to approve this Pokéball!

The Interior

After creating the perfect exterior, now it was time to deal with what goes into that Pokéball! This particular case can fit motherboards of either the M-ATX or ITX form factors. Between the clash of the titans, our Pokémon master decided to go with the ITX form factor motherboard. After several rounds of deliberation, he finally decided to go with one of BIOSTAR’s wide selection of superior quality motherboards – the BIOSTAR RACING B150GTN Motherboard!


Our master explains the several reasons for selecting the RACING B150GTN:

Firstly, the 170mm x 170mm size of the mini-ITX board is the perfect size for building this rig.


Secondly, despite its small size, the RACING B150GTN has all the connectors and ports required, supporting up to 32GB of memory, PCIe x16 3.0, as well as HDMI and DVI interfaces. However, the most praiseworthy point is the M.2 interface that comes at the back of the board, and this board supports 2 specifications – the 2260 and 2280. BIOSTAR certainly did well in fully utilising the space available on the board!


Thirdly, despite the small size of the board, it still adhere’s to BIOSTAR’s trademark Hi-Fi for audiophiles. In the upper left of the photo below, you will find the golden line with the Hi-Fi smart amplifier functions that will work seamlessly with professional music equipment that support multi-layer noise reduction to remove static and murmurs from the sound.


Last, but definitely not the least, is what bought our Pokémon master to select the B150GTN motherboard: the 5050 LED in our flagship RACING Series motherboard. Our VIVID LED DJ allows users to select a colour of their choice for the back of the board, which gives the Pokéball rig a glowing effect. Our Pokémon master decided to go with a basic strip of white light for the Pokéball rig. After building up the rig, now it’s time to light the Pokéball up! Man, what other board is more suited to build this Pokéball rig?




The Platform

Now, onward to the building the platform! Full speed ahead!


In order to increase the storage capacity, our Pokémon master has added a BIOSTAR G300 Series Solid State Drive (SSD) to the rig.


Upon installing the platform into the case, it looks visibly empty. Looks like heat won’t be an issue in this build. Yay, no worries about overheating!


Booting up the system and the white light glows from the Pokéball. What a moment it was when our Pokémon master finally turns on his rig and soaks the sight in in all its glory. Definitely a rig belonging to a true Pokémon master!


With the new Pokéball rig, and now, off to catching Pokémon on PC!18


Ending Thoughts

The only bad thing I can think of about this Pokéball rig is that we would probably need constant reminders that this is a rig, not a real Pokéball. In case someday when we go crazy and took it as a real Pokéball to catch a Pokémon somewhere don’t you guys think so?

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