BIOSTAR G300 Series Solid State Drive (SSD)

Unboxing the latest addition to the BIOSTAR family

So the writers at BIOSTAR Blog recently got our hands on BIOSTAR’s latest product that joined our wide array of products – the BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD!

Gotta say that the box design looks really neat! Check out the racing flag that is so in line with our flagship RACING Series motherboards~


Whoosh! Feel that speed all you people!

The BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD comes in 3 different capacities, namely the 120GB, the 240GB and the 480GB. For this particular SSD that we got, it’s the 120GB model.


Below we have the back of the box that shows us some of the basic information and specifications of this neat device that we have here:


Time to get to the goodies!

Inside the box, we see the jewel of the crown – the BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD in all its glory. The SSD also comes with the user manual with it.


Have we mentioned how thin the SSD is? At only 68mm, it is currently the thinnest in the market as compared to the traditional 70mm SSDs. And don’t let me get started on how light this thing is! Can you imagine how light it’ll be after replacing your heavy Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to this SSD? It simply amazes us to no end!


The back side of the SSD below shows us the unique recognition codes to identify exactly which unit it is. The difference between the BIOSTAR G300 Series and the G100 Series is that BIOSTAR uses a full aluminium design for the G300 Series as compared to the plastic housing found in the G100.


The BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD uses the SATA3 interface!


Furthermore, the BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD only has a thickness of 6.8mm, as compared to the 7.0mm that most of us are used to! Is this perhaps the next revolution of SSDs? 😛


With this, we end our short unboxing session of the BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD. We’d love to show you more about it, so do subscribe to our BIOSTAR Blog to receive our latest updates and articles! For now, PEACE OUT!


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You’re welcome! 😉

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