(Showroom) Building Your Coolest Gaming Rig Just Yet

BIOSTAR with the perfect solution to meet your gaming needs – Stylishly

First-timer at building a rig? Or a seasoned veteran looking for a new build? Not to worry, since BIOSTAR had the perfect solution for you! As an added bonus, we’re gonna do it stylishly and we’re sure that you’ll soon be the proud owner of the coolest PC in town!

While there are many considerations to make before selecting the perfect components for building your perfect gaming computer, the motherboard, case, storage and memory are arguably a few of the most indispensable components in building your PC. Of course, we must never neglect the need to consider the all-important budget before making any purchase decisions.

At BIOSTAR, we want our consumers to make the best decision before building that newest rig. Hence, our BIOSTAR Blog is here to provide everyone with more insights with regards to this topic (and more)! We want to provide nothing but the very best for you – to add a cherry on the cake, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket! 😉

What can BIOSTAR bring to you?

To sum it up in one word: PLENTY. And we do it in style too.

So now we want to share the news with you too! 😉


The Motherboard

For ardent followers of technological news and especially BIOSTAR’s latest updates, you will know about our latest addition to our wide, extensive range of products – the RACING B150GTN Motherboard.

Joining the lineup of our flagship RACING Series Motherboards, the mini-ITX RACING B150GTN motherboard features the best of our RACING Series Motherboards packed into this small but mighty powerhouse. Definitely one of the most perfect choice for gamers looking for a high-performance build with a small footprint that is ready to take on the new games of today.

Small but Mighty

The BIOSTAR RACING B150GTN revolutionises the building of gaming PCs in the mini-ITX form factor, making it way more powerful and expressive than it has ever been. The RACING B150GTN boasts the latest 6th-generation Intel Core processors, as well as the next-generation storage via the high-speed U.2, both of which will significantly improve your gaming experience.

Not forgetting our signature VIVID LED DJ and 5050 LED FUN feature that can be used to control the LED lighting on your board. To top it off, the RACING B150GTN is the world’s first mini-ITX motherboard that supports full RGB LED control for both onboard and external lighting. This will allow gamers to customise their lighting for those who want a colour-themed rig. If this doesn’t make you stand out from the rest, then we don’t know what will! 😉

For more information about the 5050 LED FUN and the VIVID LED DJ features, click here.

To know more about our RACING B150GTN Motherboard, click here and here.


The Storage

The BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD. Need we say more?

With our new U.F.O. design concept and 6-U design, what’s there not to love? We previously mentioned about our BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD in our previous “classroom” post here, and you should check it our if you haven’t already! 😉


The Memory

For those who remember BIOSTAR teaming up with Apacer for the recent COMPUTEX 2016 would be no stranger to our next recommendation: the new Apacer PANTHER DDR4 Gaming Memory Module!


(Retrieved from Apacer’s official website)

Some of the highlights as retrieved from Apacer’s official website:

  • DDR4 gaming memory module, high frequency, low power consumption and low latency.
  • Supports Z170 and B150 motherboards.
  • Claw-shaped heat spreader allows great heat conductivity, and offers excellent performance.
  • High stability and compatibility brings the users an astounding gaming experience.
  • Gold-and-silver dual design on heat spreader top presents exquisite workmanship.

What’s not to love? 😛

For more information about the Apacer PANTHER, click here.



The Case

Board? Done. Storage? Done. Memory? Done.

And all that gotta go in somewhere! Our recommendation? The In Win Chopin mini-ITX chassis.

“Chopin is an ultra slim form factor case designed for the most efficient and user friendly experience. It is only 3.3 liters in size, but comes with various multi-functional features. It has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.” – Retrieved from In Win’s official website

We personally tried it out ourselves and the fit was impeccable! We could even fit in our 2.5″ BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD in this case!

Top it off with a cherry on top – you’ll look stylish with it too (especially if you opt for the red one like we did hehe)!

For more information about the In Win Chopin mini-ITX chassis, click here.


Why settle for less when you can get more? Pack more power in a smaller form factor and show the world what makes you different! It won’t be a decision that you’ll regret! Don’t need to thank us, after all we want the best for you! 😉

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Peace Out!



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