India RACING Product Launch 2016

Get Ready for BIOSTAR’s RACING Events in India!


Hello everyone! We’re back again with another post to bring us the happenings behind and during the scenes of our recent Indian product launch events! Who said that we can’t join in the fun too just coz we weren’t there? On today’s post on BIOSTAR’s blog, we’re gonna bring the excitement right up to you (okay maybe not to you, but at least to your screens :P)!

(NOTE: For the purposes of this blog post, we will only be using the images from the Delhi Event since the activities of the 4 events are more or less the same.)

BIOSTAR’s India Product Launch

So BIOSTAR recently concluded our series of 4 product launches in different parts of India, namely Delhi, Kolkata, Vijaywada and Chennai on 4 July, 6 July, 8 July and 9 July respectively to showcase our latest flagship motherboard series: the RACING Series Motherboards. During the 4 events, we invited our dealers in the area, as well as other interested individuals to join in our showcase.

The Team Behind the Show

Check out the team behind our product launches below:



Now that we’ve the brains behind the show, now it’s time to check out…

The Displays

First up on the displays will naturally be our latest products that are to be launched into the Indian market – the RACING Series Motherboards. Also, we didn’t forget our previous series – the GAMING Series Motherboards!



Definitely a wide array of products to be showcased and definitely a night for everyone to look forward to! 😀

Moving on, below is an image showcasing our latest BIOSTAR RACING Z170GT7 Motherboard in the casing on the right, along with our very own BIOSTAR VGA Cards! On the screen is a video featuring our very own VIVID LED DJ User Interface for controlling the LED lights (or the “5050 LED FUN”).


Also, you’ll find that some of the peripherals like the keyboard and mouse is also proudly by BIOSTAR.


The Stage

For every event, naturally there’ll be a stage. And for the Indian leg of our product launch, naturally our focus is still on our RACING Series Motherboards.


The Guests’ Arrival

After all the prepping work by our hardworking team, we finally have the main highlight of the event – the actual product launch itself! What product launch happens without the guests?!?

Our visitors checking out the different static motherboard exhibits, while finding out more about our products from our friend staff members and Indian partners.



The Event Begins!


It’s finally time for us to start the launch, and what better way to start it than to have our very own India Account Manager, Mr Jesse Chen! 😀


Jesse is shortly joined by Mr Vipul Modi from Abacus Peripherals Pvt. Ltd., our distributor in India! 🙂



Following which, we have Jesse to inform our Indian friends about the products offered by BIOSTAR.


There were definitely many highlights that happened during that night, for more photos, please click here for the events at Kolkata. 🙂

Happy Birthday BIOSTAR!

In line with our 30th anniversary, there definitely has to be a birthday celebration for BIOSTAR!

Check out the birthday cake we had:


Following which, we invited Jesse and our Indian partners up on stage to cut the cake:



We hope that BIOSTAR will continue to reach even greater heights!

In Closing

The product launch was definitely a huge success and special thanks goes out to all our staff at BIOSTAR who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Also not forgetting our wonderful Indian partners at Abacus Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. who has greatly lent us their support to make the events possible.

Check out everyone’s smiles in the photo below:


Moving Forward

Naturally BIOSTAR isn’t just gonna stop at our Indian Product Launch Events! Be sure to check out our Facebook page here for future updates. Who knows, we might be having an event at or near your city! 😀

We hope you enjoyed this BTS post and we hope to bring more to you.

For more photos during the different Indian events, please click here.

For more information regarding our latest towards the Indian market, do refer to our Indian Facebook page here.

For more information regarding our Indian distributor, Abacus Peripherals Pvt. Ltd, do refer to their webpage here.

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