BullGuard Antivirus Software

DID YOU KNOW: BIOSTAR is Partnering BullGuard to Offer All Our Users the Best Antivirus Software

A Virus Infection?!?

How many of us has faced the potentially headache inducing situation – getting your computer infected by a virus!!

OH MY FILES, COUNTLESS DOCUMENTS AND PRECIOUS MEMORIES! When serious enough, you may not even be able to use your computer. This can be exceptionally disastrous situation when you’re swamped with endless work (with an important report due tomorrow) and your computer just died on you at the worse possible time.

WOW. What a perfect timing. Kudos to those who were well-prepared and have backed-up their precious data. But for those who don’t back it up regularly, you could still get your data back if you’re lucky. For the unlucky ones… I’d say to prepare for the worst.

BullGuard to the Rescue?!?

For the intelligent ones, you’d have your personal rig outfitted with a reliable antivirus software to prevent the scenario just described above. But for those who have not, fret not! BullGuard to the rescue!

So What is BullGuard Internet Security?


BullGuard Internet Security is an industry-leading antivirus protection software that protects your personal computer against potentially harmful softwares!

 Best protection against all types of malware

 Automatic scans to keep your PC clean and virus-free

 Lightning-fast performance that doesn’t slow you down

 Stops unwanted applications from hi-jacking your computer

For more information, read more about it here.

What’s in it for me?

BIOSTAR is currently working together with BullGuard to offer our users who purchase specific motherboards to enjoy a special 90-day trial of the antivirus software. During the 90-day trial period, you will be given the full benefits of any full paying customer and protect your computer from potential virus attacks!

After the 90-day trial period is over, you will be directed to a special page to purchase the full software at a highly discounted price, specially for BIOSTAR’s users, simply because we care for our users’ needs. (No need to thank us, you’re most welcome~)

Of course, if you’re unhappy with the software at any point of the 90-day trial period, you’re also free to uninstall it, or keep it till the 90-day trial period is over before uninstalling it. But of course we’d definitely recommend you guys to continue since it’s an amazing software and has been certified to be one of the industry’s leading software. We at BIOSTAR, believe in giving our customers utmost care and to ensure your satisfaction for selecting us.


How do I install it?

Of course many of us will be curious about how to go about getting accessing the 90-day trial period option after purchasing your very own BIOSTAR board. No worries, we’ll take you through a short tutorial below:

Step 1: Boot up your rig and access the driver.


Step 2: Under the software tab, select “Internet Security Bullguard (Free 90 days trial with registration).

You will then be directed to this screen below:


Select your language and press “Next”.

Step 3: Follow the instructions to download BullGuard Internet Security antivirus software.


Step 4: Upon completing the download, proceed to install the software.



Step 5: Enter your details to create an account.


Step 6: Enjoy your new BullGuard antivirus software, completely free of charge for the next 90 days!


For more information about BullGuard, do check out their website here.

For more information on BullGuard’s reviews and awards, click here.

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