Vietnam Hanoi Dealer Meeting

All Geared Up and Ready to Race!


(Featuring the team behind our latest dealer meeting)

Once again, we bring everyone to the Behind-The-Scenes of our latest event – the Hanoi, Vietnam Dealer Meeting last Friday on 17 June held together by BIOSTAR and our Vietnamese distributor: Anh Ngoc Trading Technic Informatic Company Limited (ANC), or Công ty TNHH Thương mại Kỹ thuật Tin học Anh Ngọc (in Vietnamese language).

The Preparation

No event ever appears out of nowhere, and behind it is always a dedicated team of people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the event an amazing one.

Here’s some BTS photos during the prep period before the actual event:



Check out the huge variety of stuff the team packed into each goodie bag meant for our guests who’ll be coming in later in the day!



Meticulously placing our catalogues onto the tables for each guest:


End result? Something like this:


After the tiring set-up, the team rested while they applied our sticker tattoos on each other:



Our BIOSTAR tattoo is looking great!



The Actual Set-Up

So, aren’t we all curious about how the place looks?

No worries coz the writers at BIOSTAR are here to give you more information~

Our dealer meeting was held at Trong Dong Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam.


There’s our X-stand and poster to let our dealers know that BIOSTAR is inside!

The entrance:


And entering the hall:


This is a backdrop that people can take a photo with upon their arrival 😉


And our actual hall:



Doesn’t it look great?? I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that it looks awesome and we should be anticipating for a great event ahead~


The Displays

A Dealer Meeting definitely can’t have our product displays missing, can we? Check out some of the boards in BIOSTAR’s arsenal that we displayed during the event:



Of course, not forgetting our graphic cards, especially our newest model – the GTX 1080!


The demo machines featuring our RACING Series motherboards:



And not forgetting our RACING Series motherboard, especially the Z170GT7 motherboard:


Our Vietnam showgirls with out products:




Definitely showing off to the dealers the latest BIOSTAR products! This is definitely gonna be a great night ahead!


The Guests’ Arrival

Look at these 2 at the reception ready to see our guests in!


Taking down the details of each guest for the lucky draw later that night:


Seeing each guest into their seats:


Before the event started officially, the guests were allowed to walk around to check out our latest products:




The Event Begins!


It’s finally time for us to start the night – with an opening address by our Vietnam Account Manager, Mr Kenji Liu!


Kenji is shortly joined by Mr Toan, the General Director of ANC, our distributor in Vietnam.


After which, Mr Tu, the product manager of ANC takes the stage to inform the guests more about our products:


Check out the guests for the night!


Following which, we have Mr Kevin Cheng from BIOSTAR’s Marketing Department to give a short presentation on BIOSTAR’s current and future plans.


Prize Presentation

After which, Mr Toan proceeded to give out awards to the excellent Vietnamese dealers.

Let’s congratulate them for their job well done! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Time to start the real fun of the event and let’s catch our first glimpse of our emcee:


Time to interact with our guests sitting at their tables~

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next up, we have a special dance performance brought by our 3 special guests:



Lucky Draw

What’s an event without a lucky draw?? Check out the photos below of our lucky winners who walked away with amazing prizes such as memory, BIOSTAR keyboard, our BIOSTAR 30th Anniversary Special Edition Bluetooth Speaker and even our BIOSTAR RACING Series Motherboards – the H170GT3, B150GT5 and even the Z170GT7 Motherboards!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Birthday BIOSTAR!

In line with our 30th anniversary, there definitely has to be a birthday celebration for BIOSTAR!

Check out our birthday cake~


Following which, we invited Kenji and Kevin, along with our ANC partners up on stage to cut the cake:




(From left to right: Kevin (BIOSTAR Marketing Team), Mr Toan (General Director of ANC), Mr Tuan (Vice-General Director of ANC) and Kenji (Account Manager for Vietnam))



The Event Closing

BIOSTAR’s Vietnam Dealer Meeting certainly ended with a BANG as all guests present were treated to a sumptuous meal to close the successful meeting!

Look at everyone’s happy faces as we toasted for success and hopes that BIOSTAR will continue to reach even greater heights!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Moving Forward

Naturally BIOSTAR isn’t just gonna stop at our Vietnam’s Dealer Meeting! Be sure to check out our Facebook page here for future updates if we will be having any event at your city!

We hope you enjoyed this BTS post and we hope to bring more to you. 😀


For more information regarding our Vietnamese distributor, ANC, do refer to their webpage here.


Peace Out!

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