COMPUTEX Shopping??

Getting Ready for COMPUTEX 2016

A must-have for every event: food, food, food and MORE food! A detail that is commonly overlooked, but a staple for every event. Naturally, we at BIOSTAR are here to prepare the best for all our guests who will be visiting out booth during the upcoming COMPUTEX.

So the team went to Carrefour amidst everyone’s busy schedule to grab some yummy treats for all our special guests.

Check out the team with our (currently) empty pushcarts!


4 pushcarts all ready to be loaded with food! And now, LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!

First stop! Tissues and plates… What a bummer! And we thought it’ll all be about food right?



Patience, everyone. Good things come to those who wait! 😉

We figured that it’ll take too long with the shopping for random items… Where’s the food coming guys?!? We finally decided to split ways. Naturally, these 2 greedy ones valiantly volunteered for the snacks section. After all, what we buy will be what our staff members and our guests – YOU guys – will be snacking on! 🙂


Did the wind just sweep you off your wind? Look at those 2 zoom past everything! Behold, the power of FOOD!!

So we were so busy grabbing so much stuff that no one bothered to snap any more photos. Biscuits, gummies, sweets, chocolates, crackers, rolls, coke, sprite… The list goes on and on… You name it, we got it!

We finally got everything we needed and someone finally remembered to snap a photo before we checked out. Check out these pushcarts with so much things inside (with another one not pictured here)!


All the stuff we got couldn’t fit in our colleague’s car trunk, so we even had to put some of the things on our laps in the passenger seats!


Look at how full it is! We even had to reorganise everything since we couldn’t close the car trunk (oops, maybe we should’ve controlled ourselves more?)


The team at BIOSTAR are super pumped for the upcoming COMPUTEX 2016 and are all ready to welcome everyone to our booth! Other than food, we have an exciting line-up of activities with exciting prizes to be won, such as from our “BIOSTAR Show Time”, where we’ll be having 5 stage activities EACH DAY to give out prizes! Additionally, we’ll be having a VG Team on 2nd-3rd June at 3pm daily to have a League of Legends (LoL) LIVE Competition and we’ll also have a member of the audience to join them in their match! 🙂

Make sure to check out BIOSTAR’s booth at Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F (Booth No.: M1213a) to check out the exciting activities we’ve planned for your pleasure!


Additionally, if you’re unable to personally be with us at the upcoming COMPUTEX, do stay tuned to our Facebook Page ( for additional sneakpeeks and LIVE Broadcasts on the actual days (and MUCH MORE!). Otherwise, we’ll also be having some blog updates about the event as well so be sure to subscribe to our blog! (It’s at the rightmost panel! :D)

BONUS: And here’s a selfie of the shopping team who were basically kids in a candy store… (HINT: You can probably spot us around if you visit our booth during the upcoming COMPUTEX! You can talk to us. Don’t worry, we don’t bite! :P)



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