What’s Brewing for COMPUTEX 2016?

What’s going on Behind the Scenes?


COMPUTEX 2016 is opening TOMORROW and the team is super excited and pumped up for it! Check out our cool racing themed booth featured during the exhibition in line with our latest flagship RACING Series Motherboards!


Red, black and white. Reminds me of the FORMULA ONE races… Anybody else who shares my thoughts? 🙂

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BIOSTAR at COMPUTEX 2016: Let’s Race to the Future

You are invited to the most intense and fast-paced booth at COMPUTEX


May 20th, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR is excited to invite everyone to their booth at COMPUTEX Taipei 2016 where BIOSTAR will exhibit its exciting lineup of products including motherboards, VGA and IPCs during May 31st (Tue) – June 4th (Sat) 2016 in Nangang Exhibition Hall (4th floor, booth number M1213a). BIOSTAR’s focus in this showcase is its latest flagship RACING series motherboards, which is their theme for this year’s design along with the slogan of LET’S RACE TO THE FUTURE to highlight the pursuit into tomorrow’s experience.

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COMPUTEX Shopping??

Getting Ready for COMPUTEX 2016

A must-have for every event: food, food, food and MORE food! A detail that is commonly overlooked, but a staple for every event. Naturally, we at BIOSTAR are here to prepare the best for all our guests who will be visiting out booth during the upcoming COMPUTEX.

So the team went to Carrefour amidst everyone’s busy schedule to grab some yummy treats for all our special guests.

Check out the team with our (currently) empty pushcarts!


4 pushcarts all ready to be loaded with food! And now, LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!

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BIOSTAR J3160MD Motherboard Featuring Intel Braswell Refresh SoC Debuts

New processor, new capabilities makes this a small but powerful motherboard


May 16th, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR proudly announces its small yet powerful motherboard from the new motherboard featuring integrated Intel Braswell Refresh SoC processors. Featuring the new Celeron J3160 quad-core processor which has clock speeds of 1.6Ghz and has a Turbo clock up to 2.24Ghz, this little machine can deliver unprecedented performance from a SoC-based system. To help improve performance, support for DDR3L-1600 DIMM modules is now possible with a maximum supported capacity of 16GB per slot giving the BIOSTAR J3160MD great memory flexibility. 

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How to Install and Remove Memory Module

Anyone with issues installing or removing the memory module? Here’s a short tutorial!

1. Unlock the slot by simultaneously pressing the retaining clips outwards

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.51.56 PM.png

2. Align the notches on the module with the ridges in the memory slot

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.52.01 PM3. Insert the memory module vertically using firm and even pressure

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.53.05 PM4. Push down on the module till the clips on the side of the slot are in place


To remove the memory module:

1. Unlock the slot by simultaneously pressing the retaining clips outwards

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.52.07 PM2. Remove the memory module by lifting it vertically

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.56.39 PM

And you’re done! Simple right? 🙂

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

To check out the full video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDNSzjaLiCk

50k Likes Giveaway Contest Entries

50k Likes Giveaway Contest Conclusion

So we recently did a special 50k Likes Giveaway Contest to celebrate our BIOSTAR Global Facebook page reaching the 50,000 likes milestone.

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BIOSTAR Announces New Motherboards Featuring Braswell Refresh Processors

New low-power, fanless motherboard with onboard Intel SoC processors featuring BIOSTAR 6+ technology 

SOC1.pngMay 5th, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR proudly announces a new line up of motherboards featuring the new 14nm Intel Braswell Refresh SoC processors that feature many improvements from its older 22nm counterpart Baytrail SoC. The new 14nm processors offer a more efficient yet powerful experience than its predecessor whilst consuming less power and producing less heat. The various improvements also introduce new performance enhancements for both CPU and GPU guaranteeing a more refined visual experience.

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