BIOSTAR Facebook Page 50,000 Likes Giveaway Contest!

Hello BIOSTAR fans!

Thank you so much for your support towards us! We, at BIOSTAR want to show our appreciation by giving away 1 BIOSTAR RACING B150GT5 Motherboard and 2 BIOSTAR 30th Anniversary Special Edition Bluetooth Speakers!

0428 50k fb.png

Always wanted to get a BIOSTAR RACING B150GT5 motherboard? Well, now here’s your chance to grab one!


  1. Snap (or grab online) a photo of a BIOSTAR RACING B150GT5 motherboard
  2. Snap another photo/selfie (or grab online another random photo)
  3. Creatively edit the photo to include one (or more) of the following:
    • 50,000 Likes on BIOSTAR’s Facebook Page, or
    • BIOSTAR’s 30th Anniversary
    • Featuring any of the special features of the BIOSTAR RACING motherboards (e.g. LED lights, Dual BIOS etc)
  4. Include a funny and creative caption (Bonus points if you include a congratulatory message!)
  5. Upload your photo to any online platform and paste the link in the comments section of our Facebook 50,000 Likes Giveaway post. Make sure that we are able to view the image for it to count! 😉
  6. Make sure to like our Facebook page and share our giveaway post!
  7. Have fun!!

To kick start the contest, here’s some samples we came up with!

50k sampleIMG_4117

Simple, isn’t it? Time to get snapping and start editing!

We will select the most creative photo and caption submitted to be given the grand prize of a BIOSTAR RACING B150GT5 motherboard! But not to worry, 2 runner-ups will also be selected to win the BIOSTAR 30th Anniversary Special Edition Bluetooth Speakers!

We will accept all entries from now till 12 May 2016 so hurry now and get creative!

Rules and Regulations:

  1. This giveaway contest lasts from 28 April 2016 (Thursday)  to 12 May 2016 (Thursday). Winners will be announced after the contest period.
  2. This giveaway is open to fans of all countries and nationalities.
  3. Entries will be evaluated by the originality, creativity and relevance to topic, and will be evaluated by BIOSTAR staff. We reserve the right to select the winner based on the above criteria and any decision made is final.
  4. We reserve the right to use any images submitted for this giveaway.
  5. There will be no warranty for the giveaway product.

(EDIT: We have made some changes regarding the submissions in view of the missing attachment button on Facebook!)

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